We create custom frames to protect and enhance art objects for display, working with customers to design the exact frame they desire.

 Methodologies:  Dry mounting, conservation/museum mounting, sewing of fabrics, canvas stretching, prints transferred to canvas.

Materials Utilized:  paper, cotton rag, and fabric covered matboards, custom manual and computer guided cut mat boards, picture glass, non-glare glass, ultraviolet filtering glass, non-reflective ultraviolet filtering glass, museum glass, Plexiglas, metal sectional and wood frames. 

 Wood frames are joined using pneumatic under-pinner for unmarred, tight and strong corners. 

 Object framing:  Diplomas, certificates, art prints, posters, oil paintings, watercolors, 3-dimensional objects.

 Newspaper and magazine articles are scanned, edited, reduced or enlarged as appropriate and printed on archival paper for longevity.

 Engraved, etched and sublimated plaques for titles and captions mounted in and on frames.  Computer typeset paper text for titles and captions on a budget. 

Costs for design services are included in frame price.   

We offer quantity discounts for interior designers.

The figures are approximate, but this is a general idea of average cost for a given size picture frame, assuming a 1-1/2 inch wooden frame molding priced at $12/foot, average fitting (labor charge to assemble-roughly 10%), premium clear glass, dry mounting of artwork to foam core board, and single opening single paper mat.

 We do not charge fitting for metal frames. Metal frames range from $5-10/foot so this selection will lower cost at least by the labor charge. 

*Extra large sizes dictate necessity of wider frame moldings, and/or substitution of acrylic for glass for safety.  These may add to costs. 

Optional features, like non glare and conservation glass (double cost), additional mats (double-triple etc.), fabric mats (4x cost) and extra openings ($4/each) to mats or no mat, or fillet or combining picture frames:  will raise and lower the cost for materials and labor accordingly.

 We are so grateful for your business.  

Thanks- Richard and JoDean  

 Size                        Cost

 8x10 inches (frame footage 4.3):               $  80.00

11x14 inches (5.5’):                                      $105.00

14x18 inches (6.7’):                                       $135.00 

16x20 inches (7.3’):                                       $150.00

18x24 inches (8.3’):                                        $170.00 

20x24 inches (8.7’):                                        $165.40 

22x28 inches (9.7’):                                        $200.00 

24x30 inches (10.3’):                                      $225.00 

24x36 inches (11.7’):                                      $250.00 

32x40 inches (13.7’):                                      $300.00 

36x48 inches (15.7’):                                      $350.00* 

40x60 inches (18.3’):                                       $425.00* 

48x96 inches (26’):                                          $725.00*



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